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We encourage open communication and transparency in our work environment. We believe in aiming higher and competing not only with our competitors but also with ourselves to reach beyond success. While we intend to achieve great results in our job, we ensure to balance the workload with fun activities. It’s the best way to beat stress and increase productivity. We believe people are our greatest asset and we value both our clients and fellow workers equally. We ensure opportunities for career growth of our employees within our organization and pave paths for the same. We celebrate our and our employees success and work as a team. Every individual in our organization is given complete freedom to express any new ideas and methodologies. We encourage and reward innovation and provide enough personal space to our employees to be able to reach their career goals.

We are a dynamic company and believe in making difference to other people’s lives. We are process driven, passionate and like to share our work space with competitive and fun people.

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We stay up-to-date with market trends and changes and ensure interactive communication. We value people connected to us directly and indirectly and like to share any new, important and interesting news. We believe in sharing our moments and will keep posting as and when things happen. Following are some very interesting recent stories that are worth reading:

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg confirms that she leaves work at 5:00pm to be with her family and enjoy dinner together. Is it possible for every one to leave work at 5 and still be able to manage their work in 40 hours a week? Most of us spend 55 to 66 hours at work and yet are forced by our workload and deadlines to bring work home. Research shows that quality work in 40 hours a week can actually be enough to finish all the office work if employees are able to cut distractions at work and increase productivity. Review the following link for more information about this:

E-recruitment has become a very popular trend in the past few years. There are many advantages of recruitment through the use of technology for both employer and employee. There are more choices and options for HR personnel and they can blend the traditional hiring methods with modern to bring their own unique method. This gives the recruitment firms an edge over the competition in the market and guarantees client satisfaction. Recruiters can post jobs and screen employees from various online job portals. This can further be more sophisticated by providing online test and questionnaire to the selected candidates to refine the list given to the client. Technology has enabled more efficient marketing and branding possibilities to attract better talent.

Hiring process can be made more simplified and yet effective by following some basic recruitment tips. Make complete use of online and offline media. In this age, media is faster than ever and is readily available to reach the masses. Identify your internal talent pool and give them opportunities to grow and refer people from outside.