Permanent & Turnkey Hiring
Our focused approach and expertise in permanent hiring is based on technically sound senior recruiters with years of domain experience in IT. We understand the core competencies and have a huge database with talented professionals. We are well connected with all sources of talent pool at various levels and can efficiently identify the right candidate for our clients. Filling a permanent position can be challenging and time consuming task and we offer a quick turnaround time for delivery. We make sure that we fulfill this task till all involved are satisfied. We thoroughly check each application that we pass to our client for a perfect match and provide constant follow-up until joining of candidate.

Our turnkey hiring system is process oriented and we believe in connecting with the client to provide large number of professionals in a short period of time. We understand that your core business suffers when you have to shift your focus from your clients; this is why we offer complete recruitment solution to our clients. We comprehend your project requirements in a software product development environment and also in a SDLC process. We make hiring strategies and cost estimation in sync with client requirement and implement them in a pre- decided time frame. Coupled with our vast technical knowledge we ensure only the best candidates are routed for processing.

Everything we do is customer centric because we realize that our customer also has clients who might be demanding. We understand that right talent pool is the biggest resource a company has and we strive to get you your next best employee.